Few time honoured traditions are more enjoyable than cooking food over a hardwood fire. The smell of burning charcoal and subtle smokey taste that it imparts is enough to make your mouth water just thinking about it.

Our charcoal is selected from two dense hardwood species of tree grown in Mexico. These wood species are cut to a specific length and placed in large kilns to be burned into charcoal limps. Unlike charcoal briquettes, that are compressed wood tailings containing fillers, lump wood charcoal is produced from whole hunks of wood without any additives or fillers. The density of the species we use allows the True 'Cue™ grillers to grill longer with less charcoal. A formidable charcoal for exceptional charcoal grilling, True 'Cue does not have an overpowering smoke flavour and can be used for slow roasting and baking too. To ensure quality time and again our charcoal undergoes rigorous screening to ensure a consistent lump charcoal size. Basically, we're looking for lump charcoal pieces 3-5" long, the ideal size for cooking.

Onward Manufacturing Company Ltd.